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Medical Supply

Home Health Care Medical Supplies and Safety Aids

Struggling with finding and sourcing the right medical supplies? Worry no more.

Our all care approach involves the timely procurement of high quality and safe medical supplies for your unique needs.

We aim to make things convenient for you and your loved ones, and we hope that this added support will help alleviate your worry in your health care journey.

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Infection Prevention and PPE

The recent COVID-19 pandemic emphasized the importance of proper handwashing and Personal Protective Equipment use to prevent and contain infection.

These medical supplies are categorized based on the need to manage or prevent infection. Inform your AllCare team should you need any of these PPEs.

Wound Care

Wound care can be costly, worrisome, prone to recurrence and infection, and can spread to other body parts if not managed accordingly.

With AllCare Nursing, your acute or chronic wound is carefully assessed by our nurses, aseptically managed, and closely monitored for timely and complete healing.

Skin Care

Proper skin care is necessary to avoid developing ulcers and worsening wounds. For some people, over-the-counter products are good enough but for others,
careful consideration and examination of products are needed.

Our skin is our protective barrier. Healthy and well-moisturized skin is vital in countering side effects of some treatments. We take a proactive approach in supporting your skin care regimen.

Continence and Peri-Care

Good personal hygiene and grooming is paramount in our sense of cleanliness, comfort, and self-satisfaction. The use of appropriate and effective products supports our physical wellness and prevent further risk and harm.

Let us know if your preferred continence and peri-care products are not featured in this catalogue – we consistently update our supplies and may have it in stock.

Mobility Aids and Home Safety Equipment

AllCare Nursing offer medical-grade Home Care Equipment and Mobility Products to support ageing at home and staying in your community safely and comfortably.

Benefits of Choosing our Medical Supplies