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Discovering that seniors are not receiving quality care, and their loneliness and isolation have only been exacerbated by the pandemic, Sheena established AllCare Nursing in 2021 for seniors to have the compassionate and personalized care they truly deserve.

Our team has since brought sunshine to individuals living in their own homes, in assisted living and in long term care facilities, allowing for continuity of care tailored to each person’s unique needs.

From companionship to registered nursing care whenever and wherever needed, we provide all care that includes peace of mind, assurance, and respite to family caregivers and support our facility partners in the safe care of their residents.

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Why AllCare?

Caring for you – the way you want to be cared for
is at the core of what we do.

Care For You. Designed By You.

Nothing About You, Without You.

Our Purpose

Providing personalized care for your unique needs.

Our Vision

Partnership and advocacy for person-centred care.

Our VALUES of Compassionate, Accountable, Reliable, Empowerment (CARE) guide our can-do approach that takes care of you and your health care needs.

The all CARE that we strive for focuses on providing dignified human-centred support through partnership, sharing of best practices, evidence, and educational resources for your well-informed decision-making.

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For personalized home health care and medical supply, contact the AllCare Nursing team.

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Meet Your Care Partners

With over 50 years of combined health care experience, our team provides customized support to persons, families, and partner organizations.

We do our best to ensure that dependable and trustworthy care is in place as soon as needed.

Minerva Bernardez

Support Specialist

Minnie, as she prefers to be called, loves getting to know and building lasting relationships with people of diverse backgrounds. Her innate nature of empathic curiosity and desire to make a positive difference is evident, making it easy to customize and meet your care needs. 

As the support specialist, Minnie does her best in trying to be a rainbow in someone’s cloud. This guides her every interaction, aiming that whenever you get in touch with AllCare, your experience is a pleasant one. 

As a daughter and mother herself, she understands that life is like a roller-coaster ride hence someone with a balanced professional approach and personal consideration makes a whole lot of a difference in what can be a challenging care navigation. 

Asha Mathew

Care Partner

Asha, a Licensed Practical Nurse, has been caring for 15+ years, 9 years of which is focused on providing home and community care in the Lower Mainland and Fraser Valley. Her expertise involves oral, skin and injection medication management, wound dressing, pressure ulcers and after surgery care, diabetes and insulin management, and care of multiple illnesses, to name a few.

She goes above and beyond the call of duty, and takes pride in the personal touch that she employs in her nursing care. Being consistently reliable, she provides emotional and dietary support, safety assessment and monitoring during her visits with individuals.

Keen to help others, supporting seniors is her perfect opportunity to do so as it effectively shows and grows her caring competencies. As someone who has nursed in multiple countries, she understands the difficulties of people from diverse backgrounds and incorporates best practices to better care for B.C.’s multicultural society.

Respectful of every person’s unique circumstance, Asha effectively communicates in multiple languages with empathy and warmth.

Florence Kwok

Care Partner

Florence is a certified member of the Speech-Language & Audiology Canada, and a registered Speech-Language Pathologists of the College of Speech and Hearing Health Professionals of BC. She completed a Master’s in Counselling, and a Master’s in Health Leadership and Policy in Clinical Education. 

With 16+ years of practice both in Hong Kong and Canada, Florence has extensive experience in serving the pediatric (children) and geriatric (older adults) populations. She is a certified practitioner for Deep Pharyngeal Neurological Stimulation – a therapy that restores muscle strength and reflexes for improved swallowing. 

Aside from helping those with difficulty in feeding, she also works with children having Developmental Language Disorder, Autism Spectrum Disorder, Speech Disorders and Voice Disorders such as delays and stuttering. 

Florence provides these supports in English, Cantonese and Mandarin languages. She believes that a family-centred and relationship-based approach facilitates the best therapeutic outcomes.

Ron Dela Cruz

Care Partner

Ron’s 26+ years of dedicated Canadian healthcare service as a Licensed Practical Nurse has seen her make a difference in her workplace and communities. Receiving appreciation for the care she gives is reason enough to believe that serving others is her calling.

Ron has looked after older adults, people recovering from surgeries, those with Multiple Sclerosis, Quadra/Paraplegia, Mental Health concerns, Pregnant women before, during and after deliveries, and individuals needing End-of-Life comfort. She is currently caring for people undergoing Cancer treatments.

Her core values, aligned with that of AllCare, involve supportive partnership with individuals and their families, and tailoring the care they receive in honour of their preferences. She believes in advocating for and guiding service users for them not to be lost in and not to be treated as just a number in BC’s complex healthcare system.

Ron’s day brightens when people remember her as a nurse and colleague whom they can count on. She has consistently been commended for her care of persons with Cancer and Dementia/Alzheimer’s.

Sheena Park

Founder and Care Partner

Sheena is a B.C., Canada, and UK Registered Nurse with 10+ years of progressive healthcare practice spanning from Emergency and Acute Services, Oncology’s Systemic (chemotherapy, immunotherapy, and hormone therapy) and Radiation Treatments, Clinical Research & Trials, and Clinical & Systems Transformation.

She has studied and worked in a wide variety of settings, collaborated with multidisciplinary teams locally and internationally, and has always been a dedicated advocate for patients and families. Sheena specializes in Quality, Patient Safety & Partnership, and Accreditation Standards for the benefit of the people and communities she serves.

Ensuring that you are receiving the best care possible, Sheena completed the Master of Health Leadership and Policy specializing in Seniors Care from the University of British Columbia. She is also a CCHL Certified Health Executive, the only designation for health leaders in Canada.

Sheena is passionate about compassionate, excellent quality, person-focused and family-supportive caring services, going out of her way to as much as possible make life and each healthcare journey easier for all.